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The patient specimens needed for the planned research are mostly acquired at the Universitätsklinikum Essen, which as the leading liver center in NRW and Europe offers ideal preconditions for this. Essen's transplantation program was the leading one in the area of Eurotransplant in 2008. Hence, with 130 liver transplants and 200 liver resections, there is enough liver material available for the planned examinations. Furthermore, nearly 300 patients with HCC and CCC are attended to annually. Here as well, the center in Essen has a leading position throughout all of Europe. The hepatological ambulance after all, is the biggest of its kind in NRW, at which momentarily 2700 patients are cared for each year and many clinical studies are performed. Beyond all this the project has tissue banks in the institute of Pahtology as well as serum- and DNA banks in the institute of Virology it can access.